In addition to providing pharmaceutical manufacturers with innovative patient affordability solutions, TrialCard is expanding its focus within the compounding pharmacy arena. We understand the ever-changing challenges within the compounding industry and have developed viable programs that benefit the compounder and patient.

Examples of TrialCard patient-centric solutions for compounding pharmacies include:

  • Co-pay off-set strategies for patients
  • Rebate channels
  • Abandonment solutions
  • Reporting & analytics

TrialCard's award-winning Customer Experience Center is a great resource for educating patients and healthcare affiliates about your program including:

  • Intelligent adherence messaging
  • Tele-promotions
  • Acting as a sales force on behalf of the compounding pharmacy

With new industry regulations and audits taking place, we strive to work with you in a consultative role to understand your specific challenges and opportunities in hopes of offering a streamlined program to support your business.

For more information, please contact:

National Sales Team
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