Opportunity To Offer Your Patient Co-Pay At Point Of Sale
  • On average only about 16% of patients that pickup their prescriptions at the pharmacy are aware that a brand's co-pay program exists
  • Patients with out of pocket expenses over $50 are 4 times more likely to abandon their prescriptions contributing to an annual abandonment rate of 15% to 30%
  • RxSaver strengthens co-pay savings strategy by enabling brands to tap into TrialCard's powerful pharmacy network.

How it Works

  • RxSaver gives brands direct access to a pharmacy channel to ensure patients are exposed to their offer even if patients don't obtain it through other means-no more worries about physical offers not being used or patients not downloading offers on their own.
  • Participating brands have their co-pay savings offer presented at the pharmacy via optimized integration within the store's workflow.
  • Other point-of-sale solutions generate printed pieces at the pharmacy counter, causing brands to incur a cost for each piece, regardless of whether the patient uses it. With RxSaver, each offer is seamlessly applied-and brands only pay when their offer is used.

White Paper

Moments of Truth: How Pharmacies are Becoming a Brand's Best OpportunityDOWNLOAD

Extensive Pharmacy Network
  • With access to almost 20,000 stores in-network including both major chains and smaller pharmacies, brands get instant exposure to millions of patient.

Delivers Proven Results

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Moments of Truth: How Pharmacies are Becoming a Brand's Best Opportunity DOWNLOAD

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