Specially trained pharmaceutical field reps with a different way in the office. TrialCard’s Virtual Engagement delivers access to healthcare professionals and provides proven results for brand reach, share growth and lead generation – supporting the new pharma sales model of:


Our Healthcare Professional Engagement Philosophy

  • Virtual engagements require unique expertise and technology
  • Pharmaceutical Specialty Representatives (PSRs) need to be empowered to act as field-based PSRs
  • Attitudinal and behavioral segmentation strengthens program impact
  • Defined components of a successful engagement

Program Critical Success Factors

  • Highly skilled, experienced Pharmaceutical Specialty Representatives who understand how to navigate the HCP office
  • Best in class technology to support program execution
  • Accurate and consistent reporting

TrialCard offers deep-seated insight into:

Rare Disease Lead Generation

Our Lead Generation product is well suited for the growing Orphan Drug market. Representatives educated on the science of the particular therapy use semi-scripted talking points and probing questions to call on target offices to uncover potential patients that may benefit from particular orphan therapies.


Rare disease Virtual PSR program (2 Full Time Employee, 6 Month Model)

  • Delivered 10 times more leads than forecasted
  • Virtual PSRs provided access through appointments with "no-see" healthcare professionals


Our Teledetail product is well-suited for the new healthcare professional engagement landscape. Virtual Representatives educated and certified on the science of the particular therapy use established and proven methodologies and talking points to call on target offices in order to have a meaningful engagement with a provider.

Our PSR’s reach rates are averaging 42% to targeted healthcare professionals


Performance Metrics of a virtual detail (10 FTE) 6 month model covering white space and vacant territories

  • ROI of 108.7%
  • NRx lift of 43.4% overall
  • Vacant Territory HCPs generated incremental NRx lift of 35.2%
  • Whitespace Territory HCPs generated incremental NRx lift of 66.1%
  • Overall, the call campaign generated about $6M profit in brand fills


"The value of virtual engagement has been shown. There are leaders accross the PSR team."

-Director of Marketing, Large Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

"I've not had a representative which has left me in a MAJOR lurch! I’m one of your biggest writers in the area who heavily influences other PCPs but now that the rep is gone, we’re out of samples. I’ve been dealing with a HUMUNGOUS headache that you have now cured!"

-Pulmonologist, Discussion following representative vacancy

"This virtual service is awesome. We haven’t seen a rep for this medicine in months and want to prescribe. Following this call we will continue to be loyal prescribers"

-Nurse Practitioner


Our Telepromotion is designed to fulfill samples and co-pay services as well as deliver brand messages to physician offices and pharmacies.


Performance metrics of a virtual telepromotion program for co-pay directed toward targeted pharmacies and physicians (75,000 calls completed) for 4 month program

  • Campaign shows lift of 105.1% in NRx compared with unexposed control HCPs
  • Reach Rates:
    • Reached 74% of the decision makers in targeted physicians’ offices
    • Reached 83% of target pharmacy decision makers

Disease Awareness / HCP Engagement:

Our disease awareness / lead generation product is designed to improve HCP and/or specialty awareness of disease, guidelines and brand messaging. We are also able to complement your delivery of share of voice for prescribers not covered by your sales team.


HCP engagement metrics for a program (12 FTE PSR model) for 12 months:

  • Completed 698 virtual engagements with NP, PA and MD targets discussing the detail aid cover-to-cover
  • Completed multiple Key Opinion Leader virtual speaker programs
  • Completed 8,609 full teledetails with HCPs
  • PSRs averaged 40.87 calls per day / 5.11 calls per hour
  • Successfully delivered 11 HCP engagements per day


"The objective I had has been met, the TrialCard PSRs are exceptional performers"

-Senior Region Director, Large Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

"The PSRs are every bit as talented as our Field Sales Specialists."

-Senior Region Director, Large Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

"The level of engagement and talent of the PSRs has exeeded my expectations. They consistently want to know the reason behind the why."

-Senior Marketing Manager, Large Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

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TC Virtual Engagement provides deeper engagements opening up more possibilities for the delivery of brand and disease information for providers.

Evolving the way the pharmaceutical industry succeeds by seamlessly connecting brands to healthcare providers through virtual pharmaceutical representatives supported by state of the art technology.

To find out more about how a TrialCard Virtual Engagement campaign can improve performance for your brand, contact:

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