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Patient Access + Affordability

Patients need to access and afford their medication in order to benefit from their provider’s care plan, however, the challenges associated with taking this first step derail patients before they even begin their journey. Our goal for patient services is to align the financial needs of the patient with the needs and financial expectations of the brand.

Our financial assistance programs are fully integrated with our patient support services programs (PSSPs) to provide patients with faster access and affordable pricing for their medications.

TrialCard has helped more than 36 million patients
by delivering over $23 billion in branded drug savings to date.

Our unique combination of industry knowledge, market intelligence, and integrated solutions create a better experience at every step of the patient’s journey while also helping biopharmaceutical companies stay ahead.

Coverage and Reimbursement

We minimize barriers that often delay or prevent the care patients need. Our PSSPs provide a centralized platform through which we can quickly and accurately manage full benefit investigations, process prior authorizations and appeals, and house our copay assistance claims management.

Our financial assistance programs are fully integrated with our hub to simplify access and affordability of medications to patients.

Financial Assistance

As pioneers in patient affordability, TrialCard continues to provide the best financial assistance programs for its clients.

This includes copay and cost-sharing support, alternative funding such as charitable funds, and patient assistance programs.

TC Script

Our non-commercial pharmacy can dispense consigned products to support free goods and programs to help patients; this is commonly referred to as QuickStart or bridge support.

TC Script is also used to engineer a successful start to therapy by directing the transmission of electronic prescriptions from EMR systems.

TrialCard’s patient affordability offerings are further strengthened by TC Synapse, our exclusive suite of risk mitigation and compliance solutions.

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