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We believe a better patient experience begins with better informed physicians. EngageHCP by TrialCard complements your own sales force’s efforts by educating healthcare providers on medications, disease states, and standards of care.

We know that every life science brand team faces different critical challenges based on factors such as HCP accessibility, white space, vacant territories, and patient adherence. The EngageHCP expert team works with clients to develop and execute customized strategies that address these challenges, drive prescribing, and – most importantly – help patients live healthier lives.

EngageHCP Services

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Service Teams

Hospital + Practice

Rare Disease Patient Identification + Disease Awareness Programs

Pharmacy Outreach

Lead Generation

Field Reimbursement
Manager Programs

Healthcare Provider

Why Choose EngageHCP?


EngageHCP’s services deliver significant results in brand reach, lead generation, and market share growth.


Our team averages 14 years of experience in the field of pharmaceutical sales. We match their skills and experience to the goals of each program, with representatives specializing in pharmaceutical, rare disease, tele-promotion, field reimbursement, nursing, medical science, and more.


We design programs with the end in mind and identify key objectives for your brand. Our technology provides state-of-the-art data collection and reporting.


Infographic: Results-Driven Access to Healthcare Providers Throughout The Patient Journey

Download this infographic to learn how EngageHCP offers end-to-end support for remote pharmaceutical sales.


TrialCard TALK Podcast

Listen to this episode of TrialCard TALK to hear the EngageHCP team talk about our range of services in more detail. In this podcast, the team provides insights on why life science companies must still reach and educate HCPs about new and existing therapies, despite the number of no see or difficult to see HCPs rising dramatically in recent years.

Let us help you solve your sales and marketing challenges in the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

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