The patient journey starts with the provider.

Physician Education + Awareness

In order for health care providers to give patients the best possible outcome, they require new and updated information on the medications they choose.

Face-to-face meetings between physicians and pharmaceutical representatives are becoming more challenging, making it difficult to deliver medication information to healthcare providers.

We believe a better patient experience begins with better-informed physicians. Since 2015, TrialCard has reached physicians via technology instead of the front door to ensure patients don’t miss out on potentially life-changing care.

Our EngageHCP team averages 14 years of experience
in the field, 80% are Presidents Club winners, and
50% have received multiple awards.

Our highly skilled team serves as a complement to your own sales force by virtually educating healthcare providers about medications, disease states and standards of care. This leads many physicians to take that face-to-face meeting with your sales team.

We believe that better HCP education leads to better patient care. And better care should be everyone’s ultimate goal.

Educational In-Services

Our technology provides the ability to engage the healthcare provider’s office with new and relevant information that is Sunshine Act-compliant in a manner that best suits the office.

Identifying Rare Disease Patients

Rare diseases offer a unique set of challenges. Identifying appropriate patients for specialized therapies is difficult. Our virtual representatives find rare patients and share that information to our biopharmaceutical partners.

Flexible Program Designs

We design programs with the end in mind and identify key objectives for that brand. Our technology provides state of the art data collection and reporting.

Many physicians once skeptical of virtual interactions with sales representatives now report these exchanges are high quality.

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