A fully integrated suite of risk mitigation
and compliance solutions.

Risk Mitigation + Compliance

TC Synapse is our fully integrated suite of compliance and risk mitigation solutions. Biopharmaceutical companies rely on TC Synapse to safeguard the integrity of their co-pay program against multiple risk factors.

It includes pharmacy fraud protection, copay accumulator mitigation, government exclusion, and anti-kickback compliance, discount card disruption logic, and legislative regulatory insights.

TrialCard has saved biopharmaceutical companies over
$11 million in losses by investigating more than
1,400 suspicious pharmacies as part of its anti-fraud efforts.

Copay Accumulator Mitigation

Copay accumulators and maximizers often force patients to abandon therapy and biopharmaceutical companies to incur increasingly high program reimbursement costs.

By providing customized design options, we enable manufacturers to continue offering cost-sharing support in a manner that benefits patients and not other interests.

Pharmacy Fraud Monitoring

TrialCard leads in identifying, investigating, and blocking pharmacies engaged in fraud.

Our investigators, who come from the world of healthcare fraud investigation, remove ill-intentioned pharmacies from our network and prevent our clients’ programs from being financially exploited.

Anti-Kickback Compliance

TrialCard has multiple safeguards in the claim adjudication process to prevent patients with government-sponsored insurance from using copay card programs. Our proprietary algorithms let pharmacists know in real-time whether a patient can use a copay card.

TrialCard regularly undergoes audits from some of the leading biopharmaceutical manufacturers in addition to commissioning independent audits of our process. All have confirmed the effectiveness of our solution.

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