Staffing Vendors

The TrialCard Recruiting Team takes pride in their ability to find high-­caliber talent for our company. However, in the case of a particular niche need, we may partner with a trusted outside staffing vendor.

We currently have an established list of preferred staffing vendors. These vendors have a great understanding of our industry, company, and culture. We consider them to be strategic partners.

We request that staffing vendors do not contact hiring managers or employees directly about becoming a staffing vendor. In addition, any candidates submitted without a signed contract will become a candidate of TrialCard and will not be eligible for a fee payment.

If you would like to be considered as a future staffing vendor, please send an email to and include your company’s information. Providing this information only qualifies you as a potential future vendor and does not qualify you as an approved vendor. We analyze and consider new vendors as needed.