Business Intelligence and Analytics

A Holistic View of All Stakeholders

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Our TC Catalyst Analytics™ platform turns data into information in multiple forms.

  • Program dashboards that provide a high-level view of program activity

  • Standard reports that offer data on key program metrics

  • Custom reports that can be developed on client specifications

  • Ad hoc analytic consulting to answer complex business questions or construct models to evaluate program changes and enhancements.

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Data on the Go

Catalyst Analytics Dashboard

The TC Catalyst Analytics™ App is designed with field sales representatives in mind.

  • Timely program data to prepare for meetings with HCPs

  • An up-to-date view of your brand’s performance

  • Synchronized with desktop reporting so you can receive the same view of data regardless of how you access it

  • Site-level detail to dive deep into program performance

  • Available via the Apple App Store®