To commemorate International Women’s Day on March 8, TrialCard’s IT Team Lead Kalindi Kapadia, a core member of our Women’s Development Group, shared her thoughts.

International Women’s Day is celebrated globally each year to recognize women and their achievements. It is an occasion for each woman to acknowledge her dreams and strengths. To me, this day is about accepting myself as a woman with imperfections and flaws, and with assets and infinite capability to make a positive difference in the world. I am grateful for all the opportunities I have received, but it is important to realize that with growth comes responsibility.

As we progress in our personal and professional lives, the responsibility of uplifting the individuals around us falls on our shoulders. This is something I’ve learned from one of my co-workers. I started my career here at TrialCard as a young woman and found someone who took me under her wing. She’s been my rock ever since. She guided me, drawing examples from her own experiences, and taught me to channel my energy in a positive direction.

Learning to stand up for myself and to not let others be my compass is the most valuable lesson I have learned, and I want to share this with all women.

The nature of today’s society sometimes conditions women to simply accept what is available. Women are not always encouraged or empowered to demand what they want/need or to say no to something that doesn’t align with their goals. I was fortunate to have found a strong woman who was willing to put in the effort in making me who I am today. She taught me that it’s okay to not fit into a stereotype and that it’s okay to just be me. It is my sincere wish that all women (and men) find someone willing to uplift them.

This Women’s Day, let’s ask ourselves what we can do in our everyday lives to support and empower women. It could be something as simple as letting the women around you know how grateful you are for all of their sacrifices and hard work. Encourage someone by letting her know how proud you are of her achievements and that she is strong enough to accomplish her goals. Let’s set an example for the younger generation by treating men and women with equal respect.

The current and future generation of women need to know that it is okay to challenge conventions. All humans are different and we should respect that difference as it is what makes us unique. Happy International Women’s Day! #BalanceforBetter

Kalindi Kapadia
IT Team Lead