Government Exclusion and Anti-Kickback Controls in the New Era of Copay Assistance

Hosted by World Congress
Jason Zemcik, VP Patient Affordability and Practice Lead, TrialCard

Government Exclusion and Anti-Kickback Webcast Image - TrialCard


Recent evolution in copay assistance program designs, combined with policy developments around government-sponsored healthcare programs, has brought about a heightened focus on ensuring effective government exclusion and anti-kickback controls. As pharmaceutical manufacturers shift to alternate delivery and reimbursement models to address multiple payer tactics, it is imperative to maintain effective controls to prevent government-insured patients from accessing program benefits in accordance with the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) guidance around coupon programs.

  • Learn how to incorporate controls across multiple points in the patient’s interaction with your program to create layers of protection
  • Discuss risks brought on by alternate program designs and how to mitigate them while still accomplishing program objectives
  • Examine how recently-enacted policy developments and others being proposed could impact government exclusion and anti-kickback considerations going forward

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