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White Papers - Why Integrated Hub Solutions Are Proving a Necessity for Buy and Bill Specialty Products

Why Integrated Hub Solutions Are Proving a Necessity for Buy and Bill Specialty Products

Scott Dulitz, Chief Strategy Officer


Significant growth in the number of high-cost specialty drugs being approved by the FDA, coupled with the ongoing trend of payers shifting more of the healthcare cost burden to patients, has created a strong demand for pharmaceutical manufacturer HUB support programs. While much of the recent marketplace focus has been on high-cost, self-administered drugs dispensed by specialty pharmacies, it is important to note that over 50% of the specialty drug spend still occurs under the medical benefit in support of buy and bill drugs1. These drugs are typically used in complex therapeutic categories such as oncology, hematology, and immunology, and they are often administered in physician offices, infusion centers, or hospital outpatient facilities by nurses or healthcare professionals. Even though healthcare providers are generally more involved with these products, it does not diminish the growing need for comprehensive, integrated patient support services for this category of specialty drugs. This white paper examines the success of specialty medications that have coupled their buy and bill cost-sharing assistance program with a fully integrated HUB solution to support the patient with their affordability needs as well as with infusion/injection administration, appointment scheduling support, and care coordination.

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