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TrialCard offers a number of resources that address current trends in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Co-pay accumulator program mitigation has become an important issue for pharmaceutical manufacturers, especially those with specialty drugs. At the CBI Co-Pay Accumulator Summit held in Philadelphia on December 13, 2018, TrialCard's Rick Fry led a manufacturer-only interactive session to discuss the ways in which co-pay accumulator programs are financially impacting patients and brands alike.

TrialCard held an exclusive panel discussion in September 2018 at the CBI Hub and SPP Model Optimization Conference. The panel focused on advancements hub service providers have made in the areas of enrollment and intake, access and affordability, and adherence and engagement.

As the world of digital health evolves, TrialCard is developing platforms to foster deeper connections with patients from the beginning to end of therapy. It's evidence-based affordability programs represent a new solution to a problem that many pharmaceutical brands face today.

In an effort to reduce health plan spend on specialty drugs, pharmacy benefit managers are promoting co-pay accumulator programs to health plan sponsors. TrialCard is now examining who might be at risk and what can be done to address the situation.

Beyond providing access and affordability, co-pay cards ultimately represent a starting point to more powerful patient engagement.

Embracing technology will enable next-generation hubs to simplify access to treatment and ensure patients stay engaged and adherent.

Featured by Medical Marketing and Media, this eBook offers trends, insights and advice for pharma on this fast-shifting and imperfect area of healthcare technology.

Featured by Medical Marketing and Media; offers analysis, trends, and expert advice for biopharma on optimizing use of co-pay cards, adherence, and other patient support interventions.

Featured by Medical Marketing and Media. Provides a medical and commercial trend report for marketers of anti-cancer modalities.

This eBook, featured by Medical Marketing and Media, describes the latest insights, innovations, and intel on the state of patient access.

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At TrialCard we support the entire journey for patients with rare disease. Don't wait until your clinical trial is at risk. Allow our passionate teams to provide expertise and tools to enhance engagement, and minimize daily burdens.

There is no "one size fits all" solution to patient access. Our comprehensive suite of integrated solutions enables us to customize a program for your brand that includes the elements to be successful in today's dynamic and changing healthcare landscape.

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