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Are Your Brand’s Patients at Risk?

Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are promoting “co-pay accumulator” programs to health plan sponsors. The effect of these programs is often to shift the burden of cost for specialty drugs toward patients which may directly impact your brand.

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Co-Pay Accumulator Programs
At CBI's Co-Pay Accumulator Summit held on December 13, 2018, TrialCard's Rick Fry, VP Client Services, led a manufacturer-only session to discuss the ways in which co-pay accumulator programs are financially impacting patients and brands alike.

Co-Pay Accumulator Programs
TrialCard’s VP of Analytic Services, Paul LeVine, discusses what Co-Pay Accumulator Programs are, how they came about, the interlocking viewpoints of healthcare policies and the latest research surrounding these programs.

Co-Pay Accumulator Programs
TrialCard's CEO, Mark Bouck, details the effects of co-pay accumulator programs, shares unique data, and describes a proprietary methodology developed to identify brands and patients at risk.

Co-Pay Accumulator Programs
Rick Fry, TrialCard’s AVP of Client Services and Operations, provides an in-depth overview of co-pay accumulator programs and shares exclusive data and scenarios to help those impacted better understand the risks.

Co-Pay Accumulator Programs
The unexpected burden of co-pay accumulator programs can be financially crippling to patients and their ability to remain adherent to therapy. Rick Ford and Matt Turner of TrialCard expand on recent data and what to watch as the trend evolves.

Co-Pay Accumulator Programs
Rick Ford, TrialCard’s Senior Director of Market Access Solutions, provides background information on accumulator programs and what affected brands and their patients can expect as the programs emerge.

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