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TrialCard offers a number of resources that address current trends in the pharmaceutical industry.

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TrialCard’s VP of Analytic Services, Paul LeVine, discusses what Co-Pay Accumulator Programs are, how they came about, the interlocking viewpoints of healthcare policies and the latest research surrounding these programs.

Pharmacy benefit managers are employing “co-pay accumulator” programs on behalf of health plan sponsors to shift the burden of cost for specialty drugs toward patients and the pharmaceutical manufacturers that sponsor co-pay assistance programs. While not a new practice in 2018, the presence of co-pay accumulators in health plans has increased and garnered significant attention.
In this webcast, we examine this issue in detail and attempt to quantify the impact on affected stakeholders.

Despite the fact that there is little uniformity in the definition of “digital health”, the interest in this sphere continues to grow rapidly. Pharma services vendors are on the front lines of this movement and are increasingly being asked to perform functions that were not originally considered to be part of their purview, such as integrating multiple data streams. The question becomes “Are we now at a point in which pharma services vendors are becoming de facto digital health agencies?”

In this Medical Marketing and Media webcast, Paul Levine, Vice President of Analytics, details how TrialCard’s Virtual Engagement strategies jumpstarted a well-known brand’s stagnant co-pay program, resulting in a $24 million increase in revenue over four months.

In this Medical Marketing and Media webcast TrialCard's Vice President of Analytics Paul LeVine speaks about key success markers for patient affordability programs, and how brands can more accurately gauge program performance and value.

In this Medical Marketing and Media webcast TrialCard's Vice President of Market Access Solutions Scott Dulitz examines how top HUB providers leverage technology and systems to quickly navigate the initial steps of a patient's treatment journey.

Pharmaceutical brand marketers consistently face two challenges in structuring their sales forces – penetrating hard to reach whitespace territories, and maintaining prescriptions in vacant territories during the time they are uncovered. Successfully addressing these two concerns can be the difference between driving increased brand performance and simply maintaining the status quo or worse, losing market share to competitors.


In this podcast featured by PharmaVOICE, TrialCard's Vice President of Healthcare Professional Engagement, Michael Carlin, talks about how Virtual Engagements are addressing the issue of limited physician access by pharmaceutical reps, including keys to success, measuring results, and the degree of success with these programs.

In this podcast, featured by Medical Marketing and Media, TrialCard’s Vice President of Market Access Solutions Scott Dulitz discusses best practices for a successful HUB program transition.

In this podcast, featured by Medical Marketing and Media, TrialCard’s Vice President of Analytics Paul LeVine explores ways of evaluating patient affordability programs and shares examples of how non-traditional interventions - such as real-world evidence and share-of-voice outreach programs - can amplify their effect.

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