The Role of Hub Services in an Era of Drug Price Transparency, Value-Based Care, and Consumerism

Pharmaceutical manufacturer hub programs have, for many years, played a vital role in getting patients access to life-saving and life-altering medications. There is no question the value of these programs remains high, but there are emerging market dynamics that will require hub programs to evolve to continue meeting the needs of patients and healthcare providers. Drug price transparency is one of the hottest topics in the healthcare industry. In November 2018, CMS proposed a new rule focused on modernizing Part D and Medicare Advantage in order to lower drug prices and patient out-of-pocket expenses. One aspect of the proposed [...]

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Women’s Day 2019: Balance for Better

To commemorate International Women’s Day on March 8, TrialCard’s IT Team Lead Kalindi Kapadia, a core member of our Women’s Development Group, shared her thoughts. International Women’s Day is celebrated globally each year to recognize women and their achievements. It is an occasion for each woman to acknowledge her dreams and strengths. To me, this day is about accepting myself as a woman with imperfections and flaws, and with assets and infinite capability to make a positive difference in the world. I am grateful for all the opportunities I have received, but it is important to realize that with growth [...]

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Rare Disease Day 2019: Your Story Matters

Rare Disease Day is observed each year on the last day of February to raise awareness about little-known and overlooked diseases and to honor those families affected. Undoubtedly, individuals diagnosed with a rare disease face a multitude of obstacles and daily challenges.  Shockingly, some patients are not diagnosed until several years after initial symptoms have appeared, often even 20-25 years later! Patients’ journeys typically begin in a similar manner. Since so little information is known about the disease the patient is suffering from, they are often shuffled from physician to physician receiving no definitive answers. This results in patients [...]

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Rare Disease Day 2019: We See You and We Care

One of the most hurtful human experiences is that of being ignored. When I contact a physician to discuss rare disease, I always say, “You may not see rare disease often, but seeing it early makes all the difference for the patient.” This is the sentiment I bring to my work every day, and the message I would like to convey to anyone with a rare disease—we see you. And even though I do not know you, I will work tirelessly on your behalf. Because you are worth it, and we know it. We see you and we care. Rare [...]

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Pharmacy Fraud Within Pharmaceutical Co-Pay Programs: What You Need to Know

On a single day in early January 2019, TrialCard Incorporated’s Pharmacy Fraud Detection team identified and blocked three pharmacies engaged in fraudulent behavior associated with pharmaceutical co-pay programs. These pharmacies submitted claims for payment on expensive prescriptions that were never filled or distributed to patients. Fortunately, TrialCard was able to intercept the fraudulent transactions on the same day they were submitted, thereby saving our client nearly $2 million. Had these claims gone through, the brand’s reimbursement budget for the entire year would have been exhausted. These are not isolated incidents. TrialCard discovers an average of five fraudulent pharmacies per [...]

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Law and Order: Pharmacy Fraud Unit

I really wanted to begin this blog post with some cheesy line that sounded like the opening monologue of Law and Order (the original, thank you, not one of the 400 spin-offs) but, I will spare you. Fraud is here. It's always been here, to be honest, but now it's taken on an entirely new form. We are not just dealing with what I like to call the "monthly bonus" pharmacy owner who processed one or two fraudulent claims a month. Nope. We have graduated to the big leagues. Now, we see pharmacies open for less than a month, [...]

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Defining Digital Health

Digital health. It's all the rage. What is it? More importantly, what does it mean to companies like ours that have been building longstanding pharmaceutical partners and successfully interacting with patients, pharmacists, and providers for more than 15 years? TrialCard has invested substantially in attempting to answer this question in two ways. It has attended most, if not all, Digital Health conferences on the East and West coasts. It built QuickPath™, a technology platform that has the ability to scale with future affordability, adherence, and engagement needs of its pharmaceutical partners and their patients. Boldly, I believe TrialCard has an [...]

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Life as an Intern at TrialCard

When I graduated from college in May, I experienced a mix of emotions. I was proud of myself for everything I had accomplished during my four years at Clemson. I worked in the Social Media Listening Center—a research lab and teaching facility where students could track real-time chatter of events such as presidential elections, sporting events, and other news items. This experience piqued my interest in social media analytics. I also had the opportunity to study abroad in Germany and advance my communication skills and knowledge in public relations. And in my last year of college, I completed my [...]

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Co-Pay Accumulator Programs

Right now, copay accumulator programs are one of the hottest and most controversial topics being discussed in our industry. This tactic represents a change in prescription drug benefit plan designs offered by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) to plan sponsors. Using names such as “out-of-pocket protection” and “coupon adjustment: benefit plan protection,” these programs are designed to shift specialty drug costs to patients and pharmaceutical manufacturer assistance programs, thereby saving plan sponsors money. TrialCard has designed a solution that mitigates the negative impact of this new benefit design. THE PROBLEM In traditional plan designs, copay assistance programs offset costs otherwise [...]

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Asembia 2018: Hot Topics and Key Industry Trends

Another Asembia is in the rearview mirror and once again I’m amazed at how many key learnings come out of attending this annual trade show. Since last year’s event, there have been numerous industry developments that have dominated the headlines. From the announced mega-mergers of ESI / Cigna and CVS / Aetna to the almost daily chatter about Amazon “disrupting the drug channel” there is a reason for both anxiety and optimism within the specialty drug community. All of these shifting marketplace dynamics created the perfect environment for some collaborative discussions during the course of the conference. Read on to learn about some of the hottest topics and [...]

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