​Pharmaceutical services provider TrialCard introduced its “Changing Face of Co-Pay” campaign this week, highlighting the need for coupon and co-pay programs to address a host of new challenges brought about by changes in the healthcare landscape. As part of the campaign TrialCard is offering prospective pharmaceutical manufacturer clients a complimentary analysis of their existing coupon and co-pay programs to identify elements of their program’s business rule setup that could be preventing it from delivering a maximum return.

“With increasing medication costs driving an industry shift to more high deductible health plans, a greater number of specialty products facing prior authorization challenges, and pharmacy benefits managers wielding greater power over access to a product, coupon and co-pay program decision makers are being asked to address significantly more issues and deliver more value with less resources,” said TrialCard President and CEO Mark Bouck. “We’ve been following these trends closely and have been proactively working to develop solutions for manufacturers to maximize their program’s impact in light of these new hurdles.”

​Previous program optimization efforts have yielded over $13 million in cost savings for TrialCard clients. “There are undoubtedly several brands on the market that aren’t getting the most out of their programs,” Bouck said. “We’re able to take a deep look at the data and identify the causes of this, and then recommend and implement fixes that will ensure long-term profitability.”