​Cary, NC, June 10, 2015 – Healthcare solutions provider TrialCard announced its “Half Full” campaign today, highlighting its Patient Feedback System for collecting Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs). The campaign underscores the missed opportunity for co-pay support programs to deliver value beyond financial and is aimed at showing brand marketers why their program is only ‘half full’ if it lacks a capability to capture and report patient dispositions. With numerous studies showing the percentage of patients who do not take medications as prescribed steadily increasing, the Patient Feedback System offers a means for prescribers to base therapy recommendations off of proven outcomes observed in other patients with the same condition.

“Today’s healthcare landscape is different from that of even a few years ago. While safety and efficacy measures will always be paramount for decision makers, today, manufacturers also need to consider the impact of these treatments from the patient’s perspective,” noted Molly Stallings, Product Director for TrialCard’s Patient Affordability portfolio, which encompasses its co-pay business. “The data that we’re collecting through the Patient Feedback System is helping brands create real-world, compelling differentiation in addition to having a positive impact on HCP prescribing behavior.”

“We’ve entered an era where a co-pay program needs to be more than just a vehicle to reduce a patient’s out-of-pocket cost,” added TrialCard President and CEO Mark Bouck. “We recognize that and have invested in the development of solutions that are helping our clients achieve success in today’s value-based landscape.”

The Patient Feedback System is part of a full suite of Market Access Solutions TrialCard recently unveiled that increase access and affordability for patients while providing manufacturers with tools to quantify impact and drive decision making.