​TrialCard’s Customer Experience Center was recently named to the BenchmarkPortal Top 100 Call Centers award list for the fourth consecutive year. The annual “Top 100″ competition compares the performance of contact centers throughout North America by evaluating their key metrics against industry peers. Entries are all cross-checked, validated, and approved by certified call center experts, and the resulting submissions are scored on the basis of both quality and cost efficiency.

​”We are extremely proud of our Customer Experience Center’s performance, and being named to the BenchmarkPortal Top 100 list four years running is a testament to the patient-first mentality that we approach every aspect of our business with,” said TrialCard President and CEO Mark Bouck. “The entire team, from the Center leadership to each of the agents, demonstrates a commitment to excellence each and every day and we are fortunate to have such a dedicated group handling this critical function.”

“This award shows that TrialCard’s call center operation ranks among the top performers in its size category in North America. We congratulate them and wish them continued success in the future,” added BenchmarkPortal CEO Bruce Belfiore.

TrialCard’s Customer Experience Center has grown significantly during its run of awards, expanding into outbound telepromotion and teledetailing campaigns providing physician and pharmacist education and white space coverage as well as orphan drug patient location lead generation programs for pharmaceutical manufacturers.