​Pharmaceutical services provider TrialCard introduced its “Every Day Matters” campaign this week to highlight the company’s orphan disease patient lead generation programs. Understanding the unique challenges faced by marketers working on orphan drugs prompted TrialCard to develop a specific model to support orphan products, delivered by its outbound virtual detailing group. In doing the “detective work” to locate physicians treating patients with extremely rare diseases, educate them on the benefits of a product, and connect the patient with an avenue to therapy, TrialCard is offering a breakthrough solution to orphan drug manufacturers long challenged by a lack of resources to locate patients among such a disparate population.

“Developing this capability and executing on behalf of orphan drug manufacturers has truly been a rewarding effort for everyone involved,” said TrialCard President and CEO Mark Bouck. “It’s incredibly humbling to know that the efforts of our team are literally saving the lives of patients who are afflicted with these rare conditions by introducing them to treatment options.”

Programs are carried out by both clinical representatives, who boast strong outbound detailing backgrounds, and clinical specialists, who are experienced and accomplished pharmaceutical sales representatives. In one recent program TrialCard was able to deliver over 90 qualified leads in the first five months, a figure more than six times greater than anticipated by the manufacturer. Additionally, TrialCard representatives and specialists successfully made contact with a nurse or physician on as many as 50% of calls made.

“The impact of this really is remarkable,” continued Bouck. “For the longest time manufacturers were literally searching for a needle in a haystack; now they have a pa​rtner that has designed the right formula to do it efficiently and effectively.”