In an effort to further help pharmaceutical manufacturers combat the issue of patient non-adherence to medication, pharmaceutical services provider TrialCard announced this week that it is re-launching its adherence solution after adding additional capabilities based on feedback gathered from its customers. TrialCard’s holistic adherence support offering combines multiple “intelligent” patient engagement options, to include targeted outreach that is data-driven, behavior-based, and able to be customized to an individual patient’s communication preferences.

“Adherence, or rather the lack thereof, is a multi-billion dollar issue for the U.S. healthcare industry,” said TrialCard President and CEO Mark Bouck. “What we’ve found from speaking with manufacturers is that there is a need for adherence support offerings that go beyond broad mass messaging and align with each individual patient’s behaviors to address their barriers to remaining committed to a prescribed course of therapy.”

TrialCard recently added both interactive text messages as well as targeted outbound patient phone calls to its adherence suite that already included email and direct mail messaging. The additional capabilities have been largely built around using data collected from patient affordability support programs to develop specific risk profiles and customize a messaging sequence that resonates with the patient based on their individual behaviors.

“Delivering a message is only one part of the equation,” continued Bouck. “Using data to understand precisely what that message should say, via what medium it should be delivered, and at what point in the patient’s treatment journey it needs to be presented is the other half that’s so critical.”

TrialCard’s adherence solution can be built around not only standard patient demographic data points but also complex conditions that serve as indicators of non-adherence, such as registering for a savings offer but not redeeming within a specified time period or lapsing in their offer use activity.