​Pharmaceutical services provider TrialCard will be the premier sponsor of the upcoming ExL Coupons and Co-Pay Strategy Summit taking place in Philadelphia on February 25-26, 2016. Paul LeVine, TrialCard’s Vice President of Analytic Services, will co-chair the event. TrialCard Subject Matter Experts will lead interactive discussions about the latest advancements in co-pay program strategy and design.​

“We’re proud to partner with ExL to lead this event which will benefit a number of stakeholders in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries,” said TrialCard President and CEO Mark Bouck. “With coupon and co-pay programs facing new challenges from more patients having access to coverage to breakthrough drugs coming at a high up front cost, it’s clear that we need to be innovative in our approach to designing and administering programs to deliver the best outcomes for both the patient and the manufacturer.”

In addition to his duties as event co-chair, LeVine will also deliver a presentation on opportunities to maximize the impact of coupon and co-pay programs in light of the changing healthcare landscape.