MORRISVILLE, NC—Pharmaceutical solutions provider, TrialCard Incorporated, today announced improvements to its pharmacy fraud detection and mitigation solution.  These improvements include the development and use of its proprietary tool, “Spotlight,” to discover potentially fraudulent pharmacy claims activity on a near real-time basis. This early detection tool enables TrialCard to identify and block pharmacies that are routinely submitting fraudulent co-pay claims before payment is made to the pharmacy in question.

“Our analytics professionals and fraud investigators have worked diligently to develop this enhancement,” said Matt Turner, TrialCard’s Director of Product Management for Risk and Compliance Solutions. “By deploying improvements to our algorithm that help identify fraud earlier in the process, we are able to better protect our clients and potentially save them a considerable amount of money. Once payment is made to a pharmacy engaged in criminal behavior, it’s very difficult to get it back,” added Turner.

TrialCard has a long track record of developing innovative solutions that address pharmaceutical industry concerns. Earlier this year, it introduced TC Synapse™, a comprehensive suite of risk mitigation and compliance tools. “These enhancements to our fraud detection methodology are a key component of TC Synapse and will further assist brands in reducing emerging market risks,” Turner said.

“Pharmacy fraud is a growing problem across the healthcare landscape,” noted Mark Bouck, TrialCard President and CEO. “Although no fraud detection solution is 100% effective, we are confident in our ability to leverage our expertise and agility to protect our clients and their brands from illegal activity.”

About TrialCard

TrialCard Incorporated provides product access, medication adherence, affordability and patient support services on behalf of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Founded in 2000, TrialCard has connected patients with nearly $10 billion in branded drug savings to date.  The company is headquartered in Morrisville, North Carolina. For more information about TrialCard, please visit