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Clinical Trial Support

Solutions to Help Manufacturers Drive Successful Clinical Trials

TrialCard’s Virtual Engagement delivers access to healthcare professionals and provides proven results for brand reach, share growth, and lead generation—the new complement in pharma education.

On-Demand Medication Pharmacy Vouchers Offer Flexibility

  • Reduce Costs, Simplify Inventory Management, and Ease Administrative Burdens on Sites
  • Redeemable at Any Pharmacy for Commercially Available Study Medications

  • Help in Sourcing Comparator Medicines Through TrialCard’s Pharmacy Partners

  • Minimize Patient Dropouts due to Non-Visits

Site Support Services That Simplify Trial Management for Sponsors

  • Site Engagement Strategies to Ensure Trial Communications Remain Clear and Timely
  • Trial Awareness and Education Tactics
  • Inbound and Outbound Call Center Support for Both Sites and Patients
  • Patient Reimbursement Options for Trial-­Related Expenses
  • Text Message Appointment Reminders to Drive Continued Patient Participation
  • Detailed Reporting on Patient Progress

Our Team of Nurses, Social Workers, and Allied Health Professionals Provides Patients With the Tools They Need for Sustained Trial Participation

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to Facilitate Treatment Adoption

  • Disease State Awareness and Education

  • Product Dosing and Administration Guidance

  • Health and Wellness Management Coaching

  • Adherence and Assessment Messaging

  • Medication Refill, Appointment, and Tracking Reminders

  • Motivational Interviewing and Check­-in Calls

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