Clinical Trial Support

Developing solutions to help manufacturers drive successful clinical trials.

A debit card-type card offered by TrialCard as an on-demand medication pharmacy voucher

On-Demand Medication Pharmacy Vouchers Offer Flexibility

  • Reduce costs, simplify inventory management, and ease administrative burdens on sites

  • Redeemable at any pharmacy for commercially available study medications

  • Help in sourcing comparator medicines through TrialCard’s pharmacy partners

  • Minimize patient dropouts due to non-visits

A TrialCard branded MasterCard can simplify trial management for sponsors

Site Support Services That Simplify Trial Management for Sponsors

  • Site engagement strategies to ensure trial communications remain clear and timely

  • Trial awareness and education tactics

  • Inbound and outbound call center support for both sites and patients

  • Patient reimbursement options for trial-­related expenses

  • Text message appointment reminders to drive continued patient participation

  • Detailed reporting on patient progress

A doctor puts her hand on the shoulder of a smiling woman

Our team of nurses, social workers, and allied health professionals provide patients with the tools needed for sustained trial participation.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to facilitate treatment adoption

  • Disease state awareness and education

  • Product dosing and administration guidance

  • Health and wellness management coaching

  • Adherence and assessment messaging

  • Medication refill, appointment, and tracking reminders

  • Motivational interviewing and check­-in calls

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