More Than a Call Center—A Patient Experience Center

Our passionate agents live by the motto “The patient experience starts with me.”

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  • Compassionate, knowledgeable agents are an extension of your brand team

  • Agents are evaluated by brand performance, not simply by call volume and metrics

  • Our culture of excellent service promotes dedicated care

Our Agents Have Top-­Tier Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Backgrounds

  • We do not outsource our patient-support functions

  • Agents focus on empathy and understanding the patient situation along with role­-specific skills

  • Extensive 5­-week training curriculum for all new agents that covers brand, therapeutic class, pharmacy processing, and disease-state knowledge

Every Call Is a Unique Experience

This overarching mind-set drives us to help every patient with their unique needs.

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  • Over 35,000 patients directly assisted per month
  • Over 40,000 pharmacy technicians directly serviced per month
  • Average 40% lift in unfilled to filled scripts by outbound-call campaigns
  • North Carolina-based, wholly company-owned center
  • 15% annualized attrition rate well below the U.S. average of 33% as reported in the Global Call Center Report by Cornell University

  • Percentage of full­-time employee staff well exceeds industry averages

  • Turnover rate Is significantly less than that of typical call centers

We Use Best-­in­-Class Technology

Best­-in­-class technology enables our agents to create deeper patient engagements.

  • Calabrio ONE Workforce Optimization suite equips agents to assist patients in multiple ways

  • Interacting with patients through voice, text, and email messaging allows patients to receive information in a way that’s most useful to them

  • Detailed analysis of call resolutions, and not just counts of call volumes and times

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Mark Droke, chief sales officer

Mark Droke
Chief Sales Officer