Clinical Support

Training on specific disease states, motivational interviewing, and ongoing continuing education make clinical support staff valuable partners on the patient journey.

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Tele-health Nurse Contact Center

  • Inbound Hotline
    General Clinical Support/Disease Education/Product Device Education/AE Capture/Product/Triage/Product Quality Capture/Product Replacement/Program Enrollment/Fullfilment Processing/Program Information/Motivational Interviewing
  • Outbound Support
    Pre-visit With Dose Verification/Post-visit/Independence Call/Adherence Coaching/AE Capture/Triage/Remote Video/Telephony Education/Patient Satisfaction/Closed-Loop Reporting

Clinical Nurse Educator

  • Calling on provider offices

  • Nurse ambassadors performing in-home patient visits

  • Located in top MSA areas across the country

  • Strategically located by brand needs/high patient population for disease state

  • TCMA-hired employees

Home Health Per Diem Network

  • Partner with leading home health agencies

  • Dedicated FTEs (per diems) across the U.S.

  • Integrated feedback of activity into TrialCard systems

  • Agencies manage laws where nurses are located

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Joe Abdalla
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Scott Dulitz
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