E­-Services Platform

As an agnostic, fee­-for­-service provider, our proprietary systems can integrate with the best­-in­-class external program partners to deliver key stakeholder experiences.

TrialCard's e-services as seen on desktop, tablet and mobile screens

eAccess Integration

Streamline benefit verification and prior authorization processes to expedite initiation of therapy.

QuickPath™ Patient Management System

The QuickPath Patient Management System as seen on a desktop screen, with a list of benefits


Patient Account-Centric

Provides 360-degree view of service provided and interactions

Configurable Interface

Flexibility to accommodate program-specific requirements

Turnkey Integrations

Open architecture eases process for integration with best-in-class eAccess service providers

Improved Stakeholder Experiences

Seamless integrations with external systems delivers a more cohesive experience

Financial and Administrative Experiences

Configurable program setup and workflows reduces program startup costs and timing

Improved Data Reporting

Collection and aggregation of data from multiple parties provides more holistic view of program and patient activity

EngagePath™ and EngagePath PRO™

EngagePath is an advanced technology platform that manages and optimizes patient communication for deeper levels of engagement. Validated scales and risk algorithms generate personalized messaging and cadence driven by assigned patient risk profiles. Use the power of EngagePath to facilitate collection and reporting of Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs).


Patient enrolls into a TC Market Access patient support program via one of the enrollment channels: fax, phone, or portal.


Responses to a few questions assign patients into a risk profile. Personalized messaging and communication cadences are driven by these risk profiles.


Patient feedback is collected at various times throughout the treatment journey and can be shared with the treating HCP.

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