Patient Affordability Support

Our robust suite of physical and digital distribution and payment vehicles promotes flexibility and adaptability based on specific product and program needs.

  • Single or multiuse coupons.

  • Ideal for insured and cash patients.

  • Customizable business rules.

  • Ideal for launch brands.

  • Single use.

  • No activation required.

  • Primary claims only.

  • Most commonly used to support products in a Buy & Bill scenario where the HCP dispenses/administers the drug directly to the patient.

  • Mastercard programs are not run through the pharmacy network, but instead can be used on most credit card terminals.

  • Allow patients to access your coupon via text message alerts.

  • Program design and messages are customizable and configurable based on specific brand. Examples of text messages include dosing instructions, disease state information, and refill reminders.

  • Enroll and access coupons via dedicated websites.

  • Ensure patient access to your coupon and/or website via mobile device optimization.


  • Increase access to your coupon program with access to over 350 EHRs.

  • Automate promotion of your savings & access programs when a doctor selects your brands to ePrescribe.

  • Delivered through optimized integration points within our powerful retail network to deliver your brand’s offer at the point of sale.

  • Access to over 22,000 locations.

  • Pay-for-performance model.

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Free Drug and Patient Assistance Programs


  • Mainstream Patient Into Retail Channel
  • Robust Financial Model to Determine Efficacy

TC Market Access Distributed

  • Pharmacy Partner Facility
  • Licensed in 50 States
  • Orders as Late as 11:00 PM EST Delivered Next Day

Your Partner

  • TC Market Access Handles Front-End Eligibility
  • Triage to Your Partner for Shipment

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