Virtually Engaging and Educating Healthcare Professionals

TrialCard’s virtual engagement services deliver access to healthcare professionals and provide proven results for brand reach, share growth, and lead generation.

Reach, Engage, and Access

A chart showing the different ways TrialCard can reach, engage and access

Our HCP Engagement Philosophy

  • Virtual engagements require unique expertise and technology

  • Pharmaceutical Specialty Representatives (PSRs) must be empowered to act as field-based PSRs

  • Attitudinal and behavioral segmentation strengthens program impact

Program Critical Success Factors

  • Use prescription data combined with proprietary program claims information to dramatically improve targeting

  • Highly skilled, experienced Pharmaceutical Specialty Representatives who understand how to navigate the HCP office

  • Best-in-class technology to support program execution
  • Accurate, consistent, and insightful reporting that enhances decision-making

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Mark Droke, chief sales officer

Mark Droke
Chief Sales Officer