Rare Disease Patient Identification + Disease Awareness Programs

Sales and marketing support for the challenging rare disease space.

Rare diseases offer a unique set of promotional challenges. This includes limited reach with a small field force, limited disease state awareness, and chronic misdiagnosis. With a small rare disease field force, it is difficult to gain access and reach a large population of HCPs to engage them in active discussions about a low-incidence disease state or rare disease therapy.

Our virtual representatives can help find rare patients and share that information with our biopharmaceutical partners.

The benefits of our programs include:

  • Pre-qualified leads for field sales teams / regional account managers for follow-up or in-service
  • Delivery of disease state information to HCPs to assist them in the proper identification and diagnosis of their rare disease patients
  • Generation of practice level data, that enables sales and marketing teams to better target specific practices with the highest propensity to have appropriate patients for a specific rare disease therapy
  • Faster identification of practices that currently treat, or have previously treated, patients fitting the target patient profile
  • Cost-effective identification of high value leads that can be referred to the field sales team for additional follow-up or in-service

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Our virtual representatives can help you thrive in the
challenging rare disease space.

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